International Society of Arboriculture’s edited footage of the winning mens masters climb, James Kilpatrick ITCC Masters 2016 San Antonio, Texas.  Edited and produced by myself, footage owned by the ISA and shot by Bill Yauch, cover photo by David Graham.

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Jannik Jansen, Tim Schröder and myself – James Kilpatrick preform a crown reduction on a Cedrus atlantica tree after a large branch broke out. We reduce the trees branch tips in order to alleviate end weight thus reducing the likelihood of further branch breakage.



A photo slider of the above reduction…

  • Cedar Kroneneinkürzung Hamburg baumpflege
    Cedar Kroneneinkürzung - Vorher


One method of accessing into trees is called ‘footlocking’.  The goal is to ascend 15m as fast as you can…


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